Activities in Mongolia

Since the discovery of uranium deposits in the Gobi desert, AREVA has been conducting detailed studies to confirm the economic, technical and environmental viability of the project and identify the most suitable mining method.

All about uranium

Uranium is a natural metal found all over the world that can be used to generate nuclear power due to its radioactive nature.


COGEGOBI carries out exploration from grassroots to advanced works in the Gobi desert in Mongolia with hydrogeological tests at all steps.

ISR technology

47% of uranium ore in the world is mined using in situ recovery (ISR) technology. The ISR method can be used to mine low-grade deposits in permeable rocks.

Dulaan Uul test

COGEGOBI has performed tests to determine the feasibility of using the ISR recovery method at the Dulaan Uul site.


Geologist interview at the Dulaan Uul site

Watch a COGEGOBI geologist discuss his daily activities at Dulaan Uul and his contribution to the discovery of uranium at the site.