Performance development training organized for the members of the Local Cooperation Councils

October 10, 2018

Badrakh Energy LLC jointly with  Volunteer  Development Centre* NGO successfully organized a perforamce development training entitled “Public development and Leadership” for the members of the Local Cooperation Councils respectively in Ulaanbadrakh sum and Zuunbayan bag of Sainshand sum of Dornogobi aimag on September 24-25.

 The members of the Local Cooperation Council of Zuunbayan bag expressed their willingness to launch a campaign named “Start the change with you first” and noted that every citizen’s participation was important to conduct the training and promotion activities in cooperation with the training organization. The members of the Local Cooperation Council of Ulaanbadrakh sum noted the importance of regularly conducting public trainings according to a suitable program.  All members agreed that it is appropriate to bring their contribution to public activities.

 Head of the Women’s Council of Zuunbayan bag D.Gantogtokh said: “Thanks to this training, we understood that the public means a group of people with shared interests and there could be a number of publics. We believe that every citizen of Zuunbayan bag shall ensure their participation for the development of the Zuunbayan city of our childhood’, and the  Head of the Public policy section of the CRM of Ulaanbadrakh sum noted: “I would like to express my gratitude to the team of the Volunteers’ Development Center ONG that conducted the training and also Badrakh Energy LLC for their cooperation on the organization and funding of the training”.

 The Volunteer Development Centre NGO awarded “Certificates” to the members who actively attended the training. Badrakh Energy LLC will actively support the organization of this kind trainings in the future.

 *Volunteer Development Centre is a nonprofit organization based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The mission of this organization is to contribute in the social development of Mongolia through promoting volunteerism and building capacities of community volunteers.

 Badrakh Energy LLC/ COGEGOBI LLC