Second campaign of the Environmental Monitoring Program with the Public Participation for 2015

August 28, 2015

The second campaign of the Environmental Monitoring Program with the Public Participation for 2015

The participatory environmental monitoring program was initiated by AREVA Mongol to make the monitoring work on environmental issues open and transparent to the local authorities and population. It was successfully implemented in 2013 and 2014. The first campaign of 2015 was on 14-15 June, and the second one on 20 August, 2015.  In 2015, AREVA Mongol team decided to focus more on the informal training to be given to the local population on various topics and on water monitoring. Following this decision for the second campaign, the water samples were taken from six spots across the territory of Argalant, Bayanbogd and Zuunbayan bags as:

-       Ulaan Ereg,

-       Zuuvchiin Us,

-       Tsevuunii Us,

-       Tsaidam (manual well),

-       Dund Bulshit,

-       Gun Sukhait.


As herders requested to analyze the water of the well they consume, the water sample was also taken from the Tsagaan Shand well in addition to the above mentioned wells approved by the program.

The water samples were delivered for analysis to the certified laboratory of the Nuclear Research Center and the Central Geological Laboratory.

The local community was actively involved in the program initiated by the company. The last campaign included 9 herders in total from Ulaanbadrakh sum and Zuunbayan bag. Ch. Gantulga, 2nd year student from Ulaanbadrakh sum studying flora and quarantine in the agro-ecology department at the University of Agriculture, also participated in this campaign while he was doing his field training with the HSE SDLA team. He was able to benefit from this practical work.

The radioactivity measurements were also made on the field. The radioprotection specialists of the company gave a comprehensive explanation on ionizing radioactive elements.

The next campaign will be in October 2015.