Herders' income increased

July 23, 2014

In order to increase the income and improve the livelihood of local herders, Sustainable Development and Local Affairs department of AREVA Mongol has successfullyorganized the sheep procurement event for the Naadam festival. During the event Argalant bag herders N.Turtogtokh and N.Ariunbold of Ulaanbadrakhsum of Dornogoviaimag actively involved and supplied around 30 sheep (four years oldmostly). The employees of the AREVA Mongol and Cogegobi companies supported the herders to increase their incomes before the Naadam festival by purchasing their sheep. Furthermore, the department planned to continue this kind of cooperative and mutually beneficial activities as a custom and to is planning to supply the winter food of company employees from the herders of Dornogoviaimag this year.