Niger: SOMAÏR chemical laboratory recognized for its rigor and professionalism


February 05, 2013

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In January 2013, the laboratory of COMURHEX Malvési, an AREVA subsidiary located in France specializing in the conversion of uranium concentrates, was chosen to perform chemical analyses on the 3,000th batch of yellowcake produced by the SOMAÏR mining site, to be compared with the results of those conducted by the mining site’s own laboratory.

The SOMAÏR chemical laboratory conducts production quality assurance checks for the entire uranate production process, to guarantee the required specifications are met for the product delivered to the chemical conversion site. In this way, it analyzes several hundred thousand samples at various stages of the production of yellowcake every year.

vue laboratoire

The comparison of results between the SOMAÏR and COMURHEX Malvési chemical laboratories has always resulted in a perfect correlation between the two sets of results, enabling the Nigerien laboratory to obtain accreditation from the French laboratory in 2002. Since then just 10% of the batches packaged at the mining site have been subject to a counter-analysis by the COMURHEX Malvési site, proof of the trust placed in the Nigerien laboratory.

Results of the comparison for the 3,000th
batch of uranate:
U (%)Ca %/UNa%/UMo%/UZr%/U
SOMAÏR results74.850.136.300.090.09
COMURHEX Malvési results74.850.146.610.080.09