Niger: AREVA joins “Bibliothèques Sans Frontières” to train librarians

December 12, 2012

From November 5 to 9, 2012, fifteen librarians from various areas of Niger were trained in the art and techniques of bookbinding at the Arlit municipal library, in the North of the country.

The training was organized by the French association Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (Libraries Without Borders)* with financial support from AREVA. It introduced all of the librarians in Niger’s public reading network to bookbinding know-how. Two representatives of the Nigerien Ministry of Culture also attended.

With books in scarce supply and weather conditions not very conducive to their conservation, bookbinding and book preservation are fundamental issues.

The difficulty of going to libraries and gaining access to books is a major stumbling block to the emergence of an educated, open-minded younger generation. It was to meet this challenge that AREVA, in partnership with the Urban Community of Arlit, helped create a municipal library in 2008, proposing 20,000 books and other documents for everyone.

* LWB : Created in 2007, Libraries Without Borders is one of the leading international organizations working in culture and knowledge-based development around the world. Present in more than 20 countries, LWB supports local initiatives by creating libraries, training librarians, distributing books, supporting local publishing, designing library networks and promoting cultural heritage.

In the librarians’ words…

In most libraries, the book collection is aging and there’s no policy for acquiring books to replace them. This training will allow us to recover a large number of books that are no longer available on the shelves today.

Fatima Inoussa, Director of the National Public Reading Network

Fatima Inoussa

I thank the Arlit municipal library for this initiation in bookbinding. Now we’ll be able to help the school libraries strengthen their collections.

Magagi Hassane, Manager of the Public Reading Library in Agadez

Magagi Hassane