Report on mining activities featured on national TV newscasts

News brief

January 30, 2012

A seven-part report on the mining companies operating in the Agadez region was shown during the evening news on the Nigerien national TV channel Télé Sahel between January 10 and 16.

The seven segments, each lasting between three and five minutes and broadcast in both French and the local language, highlighted the economic effects of the AREVA mining companies that work in this part of the country and their impact on the local population.

The first segments in the series focused on the partnership between AREVA and the community of Arlit. Since 2009, FCFA 500 million have been invested each year in the economic and community development of Niger. AREVA is directly involved with the local populations through its support for education and training, healthcare, access to drinking water and electricity, and local economic activities.

The second part of the report was devoted to the recent visit of the Minister of Mines and Industrial Development, Oumar Hamidou Tchana, to the mining companies. These segments described the main aspects of the COMINAK underground mine, the SOMAÏR open pit mine, and the future Imouraren open pit mine. They also noted that the Nigerien government’s aim was to make the mining sector the main driver of the country’s development.

Commented the minister: “The president has made a wholehearted effort to strengthen the win-win partnership between AREVA and Niger so that the Nigerien people will fully benefit from the country’s mineral resources.”


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