AREVA helps to provide drinking water on the outskirts of Arlit

News brief

July 01, 2011

July 01, 2011

To deal with the recurrent problem of supplying drinking water to neighborhoods on the outskirts of Arlit, AREVA has financed the supply and installation of six tanks with a capacity of 10 cu. meters each, in six neighborhoods. The official handover ceremony was held in the Boukoki quarter on June 16.

The tanks, which will be kept filled by the Group, were put into service on June 5, 2011. The people living in these neighborhoods on the outskirts of Arlit will now have easier access to drinking water, which will cost less than one-seventh of the previous price per liter. The money from its sale will be used to maintain the tanks and pay for social projects in the city such as providing water to community facilities, like schools and healthcare centers.

The ceremony, which was attended by many of the Group’s local stakeholders, was presided over by the city’s former prefect, Captain Seydou Oumarou, who declared: “…I accept the keys to these installations, which, I am certain, will make people very happy.”

AREVA’s efforts to respond to the needs and concerns of the people of Arlit were abundantly praised during the inauguration and in the local press.