AREVA, a global leader in power generation with less carbon

AREVA’s head office at La Défense, Europe’s largest business center, located just outside of Paris.

New AREVA, a French state-owned company, transforms nuclear materials so that they can be used to support the development of society, first and foremost in the field of energy.

The group offers products, technologies and services with high added value throughout the entire nuclear fuel cycle, with activities encompassing mining, uranium chemistry, enrichment, used fuel recycling, logistics, dismantling and engineering.

New AREVA and its 20,000 employees bring to bear their expertise and their mastery of cutting-edge technology, as well as their permanent search for innovation and their unwavering dedication to safety, to serve their customers in France and abroad.

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Nuclear power: an industry leader

  • Mining: uranium exploration, project development, mining and site rehabilitation.
  • Front End: uranium conversion and enrichment, design and production of nuclear fuel.
  • Reactors and Services: design and construction of nuclear reactors, service activities at installed bases.
  • Back End: recycling of spent nuclear fuel; transport, clean-up and dismantling services

AREVA – a uranium mining expert

AREVA is a French public company with over 50 years experience in mining. It works in line with the highest international health, safety & environmental standards.

New AREVA Group