Students specializing in nuclear technology at the National University of Mongolia completed their field internship at the (project) site of AREVA Mines LLC

September 18, 2017

The students specializing in nuclear technology at the School of Applied Sciences and Engineering of NUM, accompanied by Professor N.Norov, visited the project site of AREVA Mines LLC on September 8-10, 2017.

A total of 14 undergraduate students participated in the field internship. After having been given a safety induction and a presentation about the BU Mines and the AREVA project in Mongolia, the students started their field internship at the site, where the ISR pilot mining project was successfully completed in 2010 and 2011 with an ensuing environmental monitoring program in progress nowadays. The students were introduced to the main principles of the ISR technology and its advantages in comparison to the traditional mining methods. They also had an opportunity to visit the well field of the Zuuvch Ovoo pilot test for drilling activities to be given comprehensive explanations about the different types of wells and the localization of the monitoring piezometers. The students asked interesting questions and widened their knowledge.

B.Batmanlai and T.Jigmedserchin, specialists in radioprotection spoke to the students about the radiation protection activities carried out and the measures taken by the company. B.Munkh-Erdene, chief geologist explained about roll- front deposits and geological core samples. This site trip was also an opportunity for the students to get acquainted with the Participatory environmental monitoring program activities including the processes such as measuring water level and taking and sending samples to laboratories. 

The students and Professor N. Norov thanked AREVA Mines for having accepted their request to welcome them to the site of the company for internship.