The Local Cooperation Councils of Dornogobi aimag successfully organized their special meet-ings to present Zuuvch Ovoo pilot test

August 03, 2017

The Local Cooperation Councils (“LCC”) of Ulaanbadrakh sum and Zuunbayan bag of Sainshand sum of Dornogobi aimag successfully held their respective  meetings on July 20-21, 2017. A total of 18 citizens actively attended the meeting of Zuunbayan bag with a presence of Ts.Ganzorig, Bag Governor, whereas the meeting of Ulaanbadrakh sum was attended by 20 citizens in total with a presence of Ts.Erkhembold, Sum Governor.

In connection with the launch of the Zuuvch Ovoo pilot test to be conducted by AREVA Mines LLC in 2017, a detailed presentation of the Zuuvch Ovoo project was made at the meetings. A series of information was provided through a number of presentations including the presentation on the infill geological exploration works to be performed on the licensed areas by B.Tsogt-Orgil, senior geologist, the presentation on the Zuuvch Ovoo pilot test and the In-Situ Recovery technology to be used for the test by J.Natsagmaa, chemist, and A.Bayarmaa, project manager as well as the presentations on the environmental monitoring program and the sustainable development programs being implemented in the region  by Ts.Enkhjargal, HSESD Director and P.Anjlai, SDLA manager, respectively.

The questions raised by the local citizens clearly showed that they had already become aware of the activities to be carried out by AREVA Mines LLC. Our specialists gave detailed answers to the very interesting questions addressed by the former from questions about the quantity of water to be used for completing 200 meters of drilling, if the mining activities would have an impact on the decline of the underground water levels, about the duration of rehabilitation, if there is any dedicated fund in case of any accident and to the question about the types of contracts and agreements to be executed by and between AREVA Mines LLC, the Mongolian Government and the local administration in the future.

At the end of the LCC meetings, the representatives of the company proposed to hold the next meeting in coming month of September and presented a plan defining an overview of the forthcoming works to be done in order to assist in resolving the issues related to certain herders’ wells including the Gun Sukhait well by way of studying the issues in depth, pursue cooperation with sums and bags in terms of the future cooperation and the selection of sustainable development projects according to basic principles, strive to recruit locally for the Zuuvch Ovoo pilot test by the company and by its subcontractors, and introduce the qualifications that the project will require in the future. 

P.Anjlai, SDLA manager said “It has been 3 years since the LCC started carrying out its regular activities. The questions asked by the citizens confirm that the LCC and its members have successfully fulfilled our-main duty of exchanging information. We will continue our adherence to the principles of open and transparent dialogues with our communities while the activities of AREVA Mines LLC expand in the coming years”.