The Local Cooperation Committees organized their second meetings of 2016

September 30, 2016

The Local Cooperation Councils in Ulaanbadrakh and Zuunbayan bag successfully organized their meetings on August 3-4, 2016.
18 citizens in total took part in the meeting of the Zuunbayan Local Cooperation Council and 16 citizens in the meeting of the Ulaanbadrakh Local Cooperation Council. A. Tsolmon, environmental officer of COGEGOBI, presented the results of the 2015 Participatory environmental monitoring at the meeting. In addition, a presentation was done about the 2016 local financing projects of AREVA group that was approved at the Conseil Societal des Mines pour la Mongolie on June 2, 2016. 

In Zuunbayan bag, 95 million MNT in total will be dedicated for:
- Renovation of the Zuunbayan bag kindergarten,
- Renovation of the Youth Association building,
- Renovation of the secondary education school’s dormitory,
- Repair of the broken herder wells,
- Cultural cooperation.
In Ulaanbadrakh sum, 136 million MNT in total will be spent for:
- Renovation of the Argalant bag center,
- Connecting the Bolor Us well at the sum center to the aerial electricity cable,  
- Renovation of the kindergarten,
- Repair of the broken herder wells.

At closing of the two meetings, the students selected for the 2016 student scholarship program were announced. P. Anjlai, sustainable development and local relations manager of AREVA Mongol noted: “Members of the meeting and observers received positively the projects of AREVA group that were approved at the Conseil Societal des Mines pour la Mongolie. They also asked about the purchase of the livestock for the field camp needs and pointed out that there should be jobs for the many unemployed youths in the region. By establishing in 2014 the Local Cooperation Councils involving the local citizens, AREVA Mongol was able to form a permanent communication with residents of the area of operation for the purpose of information sharing”.

The projects approved for implementation in Ulaanbadrakh sum and Zuunbayan bag will be carried out by the SDLA and the Procurement department of AREVA Mongol jointly with the local recipients.