AREVA shares its knowledge and experience in uranium exploration and mining

November 02, 2016

AREVA Mongol gathered nearly 30 representatives from different Mongolian organizations at a seminar on the Natural Uranium Exploration, Mining, Ore processing and Resources on October 23, 2016. This half day seminar was animated by Denis Virlogeux, Expert Geologist of AREVA Mines.

Denis Virlogeux covered the topics such as History of Uranium, Uranium in Planet Earth, Exploration and Mining of Uranium ores and Uranium Production and Resources. The participants were from Nuclear Energy Commission of Mongolia, Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, Authority of Mineral Resources and Petroleum, Professional Inspection Authority, Central Geological Laboratory, and two major Universities teaching geology and mining, and also the following non-governmental organizations Ochirbat Foundation and Mongolian Professional Institute of Geosciences and Mining. They were very interested by the presentation made by the moderator, and particularly by the important places where in-situ leaching or recovery is used among other mining methods: more than 47% of all uranium produced in the world is mined through the ISR and by the fact that the Chinese Operators increasing while Paladin and Rio Tinto are clearly decreasing.

Mr.S.Hocquet, Geoscience Director of COGEGOBI noted: “We are happy to convene this event and share our experience and knowledge with our Mongolian colleagues. AREVA is committed to communicate in transparent way in every country where it operates. As the uranium sector is new for Mongolia, we will organize this kind of seminars on the specific topics as expressed today by the participants. I wish a Happy Geologists’ Day to all our colleagues!”