Nuclear technology students of the NUM completed a field internship at COGEGOBI

August 10, 2016

The nuclear technology students of the School of Applied Sciences and Engineering at NUM visited the Dulaan Uul exploration camp of AREVA Mongol on July 5-6, 2016.

 N. Norov, lecturer of nuclear physics, doctor and professor at NUM, requested AREVA Mongol LLC to explain to his students about the company activities, ISR technology test performance and its results. His request was gladly accepted by the company which organized this field internship trip.

 11 junior students in total participated in the field internship. B. Batmanlai, specialist of radioprotection of COGEGOBI, spoke to them about the activities of the company.

B. Batmanlai explained in detail the following: “The natural radiation background in COGEGOBI’s areas of activity is in general lower than in Ulaanbaatar. COGEGOBI regularly monitors the exposure of its employees and of drilling contractors to the ionizing radiation as well as the environmental exposure. Monitoring results on the individual exposure are presented to each employee and archived according to the relevant regulation. Just for your information, the average exposure of COGEGOBI field employees was 0.17 mSv  per person in 2015, way below the maximum exposure allowed by the relevant international and national regulation and standards regarding the people directly assigned to work involving the ionizing radiation (20 mSv). The measures for the environmental radiological monitoring is done through a network of the selected monitoring points”.

The students asked questions according to their specialization and received answers. Their lecturer N. Norov, gave information about the Dulaan Uul ISR technology test performed during 6 months between 2010 and 2011 and about the advantages of this technology. The students were positively surprised that the environmental monitoring of the Dulaan Uul ISR test was still ongoing. During the trip the students visited the drilling platform of Ordgeo LLC, drilling contractor of COGEGOBI.

The students and Professor N. Norov thanked AREVA Mongol and COGEGOBI for accepting their request and letting them visit the site activities for the internship.