French Ambassador in Dornogobi aimag

February 25, 2016

Her Excellency Mrs.E.Barsacq, Ambassador of France in Mongolia carried out a mission with the Management of AREVA Mongol in Dornogobi aimag on February 17-20, 2016. The Management of the company made this trip to greet the local authorities for the Tsagaan Sar.

The Ambassador’s meetings started in Sainshand city with the aimag authorities meeting. On February 17, Mrs.Barsacq met with Mr.P.Gankhuayg, Governor of Dornogobi aimag and had an open discussion on French- Mongolian bilateral cooperation, focusing on its important wing which is the AREVA project. During the discussion, Mr.P.Gankhuyag expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation developed with AREVA Mongol, especially he appreciated all the social projects implemented by AREVA Mongol and the company’s support to the local development: livestock reconstitution project implemented since 2007, the two-year large scale Veterinary Project, and the most recent one – the three-year Support to the poorest families project.

Mrs.Barsacq personally traveled to Zuunbayan bag and Ulaanbadrakh sum, where AREVA has conducted the main activities since 1996. There she met with the sum and bag authorities and attended the opening ceremony of the newly equipped computer classes of the secondary schools financed by the Mining Business Line of AREVA group.

The first trip to the countryside of the French Ambassador was in Dornogobi aimag, where AREVA implements its project. It is a proof of the great attention the French government gives to the AREVA project. During her trip Her Excellency Mrs.Barsacq witnessed that the project also has a strategic importance for Mongolia.