The commission of Dornogobi aimag gave a good evaluation to the environment rehabilitation works

January 21, 2016

Every year the Environmental monitoring plans are defined by COGEGOBI and approved by the Ministry of Environment, Green development and Tourism. Their implementation is checked by the local environmental protection department. The company’s environmental officers are responsible for its implementation.

For 2015, the completion of the Environmental monitoring plans and reclamation works were checked on site by the authorities of Ulaanbadrakh sum and Zuunbayan bag of Sainshand sum on November 2nd, 10-11th of November, 2015. The same kind commission of Dornogobi aimag made the checking and evaluation on November 2nd, 2015. The local Commissions accepted the completion of the Environmental monitoring plans and reclamation works. The final acceptation meeting held December 21, 2015 in Sainshand city gave an evaluation of 83% to the implementation of the Environmental monitoring plans. The Commissions highly appreciated the new initiatives of the company in terms of environmental protection such as flag system, vegetation works by local seedlings, tree plantation and manual reclamation works and expressed their congratulations to all teams.

The company management recognizes the efforts and mobilization of the company teams in charge of environmental protection, radioprotection and safety, especially of environmental technicians B.Batjargal and D.Lkhagvasuren, working for the company from Dornogobi.

AREVA Mongol makes every effort to maintain the impacts of its project on communities and environment to a minimum. Operational teams base their work on current regulatory practices, international standards and the sharing of experience.