AREVA Mongol is the Best Investor of 2015

February 26, 2016

AREVA Mongol LLC has been awarded the “Best Investor 2015” of Zuunbayn bag, Sainshand sum of Dornogobi province based on the survey result conducted among the local population. The certificate of the Best Investor was handed to Mr.T.Plaisant, CEO of AREVA Mongol on February 18, 2016 during the Tsagaan Sar ceremony organized by the company in honor towards the local authorities.

The Governor’s Office of Zuunbayan bag selects the “Best Investor” company out of those which are active in the area taking into account the investment made during the year, programs and projects implemented within the corporate social responsibility, level of the cooperation developed with the local organizations and most importantly the survey result conducted among the local people.  

The company’s greeting ceremony was special with participation of Mrs.Barsacq, French Ambassador to Mongolia along with her spouse and SDLA team of AREVA Mongol. On top of the local authorities, the French Ambassador met the local community representatives and witnessed the community support and local development actions implemented by AREVA Mongol.

Mr.T.Plaisant said that “We are convinced that a mining project has to contribute effectively to the development of the areas where it operates. The positive impacts occur through employment, local purchasing as well as voluntary contribution of the company to local development projects. AREVA Mongol is very happy that its efforts are appreciated by the beneficiaries. We plan to enlarge the cooperation developed with Zuunbayan village. The day AREVA Mongol passes to the mining phase, Zuunbayan village will probably have an important role in terms of logistics and employment”.