An interview with a catering and camp services subcontractor

November 03, 2014

Could you present your company?

ADEN Services Mongolia LLC is a joint venture company and a service provider offering a range of services domestically. Our Mongolian investors are companies which have already established themselves in their respective industries and gained experience over many years. We were established with the aim of achieving, together, world-class service industry standards in Mongolia.

The ADEN Services Group, the reference investor, has over 30 branches in over 40 cities and 21,000 employees throughout the world and has been actively operating in Mongolia since 2008.

Today we have established our own competitive position in the industry, and this is recognized by our customers and strengthens their confidence in us. In the past, we have successfully implemented camp procurement and comprehensive camp service management for 2 projects in Umnugovi aimag.

How long has your company been operating in Dornogovi aimag? What do you think about the working environment and conditions?

The company has been operating in the Ulaanbadrakh sum of Dornogovi aimag since the establishment of the cooperation agreement with COGEGOBI in 2013. COGEGOBI sets very high requirements on hygiene, safety and comfort for its employees, as well as overall service quality. This is very much in line with our goals and principles. It is very much our ambition to strive to win the esteem of all our customers. Thus, we prioritize the quality of our products and services. And I believe that the service that we provide is setting a new standard in Mongolia.

How does you company contribute to provide employment for local residents?

Currently, we have employed about 30 local people in the Dulaan Uul project. Generally, 75 percent of our total employees are locally recruited. So it is probably true that not many companies recruit such a proportion of employees in the local area. In particular, maintaining employment for the employees is very important in these hard economic conditions. One good indicator in this respect was that we received an award for excellence in fulfilling our social insurance payment obligations this year. Besides the employment aspect, we also source our milk and vegetable supply from local residents.

All of this helps promotes local businesses, and of course it is in line with our company’s social responsibility policy.

How do you see future cooperation with AREVA Mongol and COGEGOBI companies? 

We, Mongolians, realize and understand more than before the importance and necessity of the mining industry’s contribution to Mongolian development. We mustn’t forget that there are many families behind the many hundreds of employees working in the industry. Therefore, I obviously want to see the stable operation here of a prestigious worldwide company in the shape of AREVA Mongol, which could become a model of responsible mining in Mongolia. If such a company maintains a stable operation, it means that many companies like us and many hundreds of Mongolian workers employed there will have their social guarantees and be more secure. We will continue to appreciate cooperating with AREVA Mongol into the future.