Community support

While uranium exploration and project development create employment and revenues for local people, AREVA Mongol and COGEGOBI have voluntary implemented a global contribution to economic and social development in the education, culture, health, and economic sectors.

AREVA Corporate Foundation activities in Mongolia

AREVA Corporate Foundation was created in April 2007 in order to support humanitarian and public-interest projects underpinning the Group’s commitment to society and community involvement in countries in which it develops and conducts business. The Foundation supports concrete, targeted and sustainable actions, especially those benefitting children, women and students. These actions focus on education, health and culture.

AREVA mining activities contribute to community development

In addition to AREVA Corporate Foundation'support, AREVA Mongol and COGEBI have taken actions on a voluntary basis to improve the livelihood of the local communities neigbouring the areas of the activity, right from the mineral exploration stage.

In Mongolia, an important budget have been invested in projects supporting the health, education, access to water and economic development opportunities for the most local administrative levels, with focus on Bag and Soum, as well as the Aimag level such as Dornogobi and Sukhbaatar. A particular emphasis is also set on herders' livelihoods.

Projects are submitted on a quarterly basis, through the Local Cooperation Committee representatives. The Mines Societal Committee, an entity of the AREVA Mining Business Group, assesses and selects the projects that meet the specific criteria.

Projects supported by AREVA in 2013 by type

On November 2014, AREVA and the “Actions Mongolie” association donated to the central hospital of Dornogovi aimag a full laparoscopic unit and a completely new set of equipment for the ophthalmological diagnostics room.

As a result, the capacity of the hospital at the aimag level has significantly increased and Dornogovi has the distinction of being the first among all aimags to be able to administer professional laparoscopic surgery. This means residents of the aimag can undergo laparoscopic surgery and eye diagnostics in their region without having to incur loss of time and money in traveling to Ulaanbaatar.

Did you know?

Actions Mongolie is a non-profit organization law 1901,  recognized of general interest by order of the prefect of the Rhône, France. Its objective is to bring a medical aid to the nomads of the steppe, by the implementation of multiannual sponsoring between French and Mongolian doctors.

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Humanitarian aid

Emergency relief assistance can also be provided in the case of natural disasters and extreme weather events, frequent in Mongolia.

  • Livestock reconstitution AREVA Mongol and COGEGOBI have implemented livestock reconstitution program since 2007. Because of the rude winter conditions of 2006-2007, many herder families lost their livestock which is the only life source for them. The livestock reconstitution project has been implemented in Zuunbayan bag since 2011. Today Zuunbayan bag has over 450 families in total out of which 55 are herding families with over 12.1 thousand heads of livestock.

Six families were selected by vote during the Zuunbayan bag residents meeting organized in August 25th of 2014. The selected six families received in total 52 animals including 25 female sheep, 25 female goats, 1 male sheep and 1 male goat under the project. These herder families will benefit for longtime, even they give back this livestock in 2 years keeping the young ones.

  • Support against Foot – and – mouth disease.  In January 2014, an epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease broke out in Sukhbaatar and Dornogobi aimags. The management of AREVA Mongol decided to support herders and sent food to 170 herder households whose livestock were slaughtered in Bayandelger, Dariganga and Ongon villages of Sukhbaatar province.
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Support for sustainable development such as in the education field has always been a priority for AREVA Foundation and both companies. From encouraging academic development to donation of educational equipments or giving access to school for orphaned children are concrete examples of this support.

  • Encouraging academic excellence

AREVA MONGOL is committed to supporting academic excellence in Ulaanbadrakh soum and Zuunbayan bag through its scholarship program.

Its aim is to support bright local students in the fields of mining, medicine, and teaching among others. A total of 14 students have been sponsored since 2010, out of which 4 were later hired or trained within AREVA Mongol. Recently this scholarship program has been extended to 4 additional students from Zuunbayan middle school.

Donation awarded for school children at Sum school

The School of the Sum of Ulaanbadrakh in Dornogobi province was founded in 1945. Cogegobi has regularly supported it since 2005. By 2011, the school had become one of the best establishments in Mongolia. A special support was given to support to furnish the new boarding quarters.

Aid for Orphanages

Since 2006, under its policy of sponsorships, AREVA Foundation has financed various projects for children, particularly at the State Orphanage and the Fraternité Notre Dame Orphanage. In 2011, AREVA signed a three-year Sponsorship Agreement with these two institutions.

In addition, the renovation of Zuunbayan intersoum school’s playground was entirely funded by AREVA Mongol in 2013. And in 2014, a 3 years MoU was signed with Zuunbayan cultural center to fund the complete renovation of its building over 3 years of time.

The State Orphanage

Established in 1974, the State Orphanage is a home for orphaned children who have lost one of their parents or been abandoned, aged between 2 to 6 years. Able to accommodate 120 children with a staff of 48 teachers, this public establishment has scarce resources to accomplish its mission. Since 2008, AREVA has contributed 26,900 euros to the institution, devoted to rehabilitating a classroom and the kitchen/dining hall, renovating two other classrooms, organizing outings for children, and buying furniture and computers.

As of June 2012, an acrobatics class has been started up with our funding. 20 children are learning acrobatics with specialist teachers.

Fraternité Notre Dame (FND)

FND has been present in Mongolia since 1999, helping poor people through various programs, including a soup kitchen, help with rehousing, a free primary school, distribution of weekly food parcels to poor families, donation of medicines and medical supplies to hospitals and distribution of clothing.

COGEGOBI has supported a number of these actions, among which the creation of a kindergarten class in a yurt, the purchase of various items of equipment, the construction of greenhouses for growing vegetables, planting of trees together with an irrigation system, and an improved heating system.