AREVA uranium project presented at the second French-Mongolian business forum in Ulaanbaatar

September 30, 2014

At this time when France and Mongolia are preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between two countries in 2015, French-Mongolia Chamber of Commerce and Industry held its 2nd business forum “The Energy Sector at the Heart of Bilateral Cooperation” on September 26th, 2014 at Blue Sky Hotel, Ulaanbaatar.

The event assembled 150 representatives of government organizations including policy-makers, and of best-in-class energy market leader Mongolian companies   namely Newcom Group, MCS Group, MAK Group, Petrovis Group, and leading French multi-national companies including GDF SUEZ, Schneider Electric, AREVA and  Air Liquide those have specific expertise in a variety of sectors including energy production, energy management, and alternative energy production, noted the press release of the FMCCI.

The bilateral trade between France and Mongolia has dramatically increased these past years, as it has been multiplied by 4 between 2003 and 2013. France is now the second economic partner of Mongolia in the European Union. Our countries have a lot interests in common as evidenced by the numerous projects in the agricultural, import/export, tourism, culture, infrastructure and energy sector, notably. French companies can bring up-to-date technologies, know-how, etc., but more importantly, share a peculiar approach of foreign investments”, underlined Mr.Th.Plaisant, President of FMCCI and CEO of AREVA Mongol.

AREVA was represented at this event by Mr.Armand Laferrere, Vice president of Strategy and Development, Mining BG. Mr.A.Laferrere made a presentation emphasizing the fact that AREVA is unique in terms of covering all stages of nuclear fuel cycle starting from uranium exploration and ending by fuel recycling.

During his presentation the Vice President of Strategy and Development of BG Mines highlighted that AREVA and Mongolia develops a partnership since 18 years and as a responsible mining actor AREVA gives a top priority for its project acceptation by local population. Thanks to AREVA two major uranium deposits were discovered in Mongolia, Mongolia ranks now among the top 13 countries by their uranium reserves (since January 2013, source: IAEA). 

The organization of this year Forum was of high quality and the French and Mongolian business community was very well represented among with the Mongolian high level officials such as the Vice-minister of Energy and the Vice-minister of Mining. This year Forum welcomed more than 160 attendants.

AREVA Mongol/ Cogegobi