Open letter to organizations fighting against uranium mining and AREVA in Mongolia

May 15, 2014

Golomt Antinuclear Movement

Mongolian Environmental Civil Council

Gal Undesten Union

Bosoo Khukh Mongol

National Center Against Disasters

World Mongolia Green Association

Greenpeace Mongolia

Since 2012, your organizations have tried to disrupt and stop the progress of AREVA’s uranium mining project in Mongolia by repeatedly bringing to local communities and the general public wrong information on our company and on the impacts of uranium mining. While your only request was always to stop uranium mining in general, and AREVA’s project in particular, you publicly claimed that AREVA refused dialogue, using this to justify the increasing level of violence of your arguments and actions against our company.

In all countries where AREVA operates, we strive to have a productive dialogue with civil society organizations. However, threats of violence and coercion cannot as a result lead to any kind of dialogue, but will instead foster conflict, which we deeply regret and condemn. We are deeply concerned that some organizations belonging to the antinuclear movement, that clearly state in their core principles, available to all on the internet, that they will “avoid terrorism and all sorts of violence” now threaten in the media to “stop this situation even if it takes a human life”. This declaration is clearly inacceptable.

We, AREVA Mongol and Cogegobi respect the Law of Mongolia in all our activities. We do not engage in any activity harmful to the environment, local citizens’ health or animal health. Our exploration activities as well as the in-situ recovery technology used for the small scale technical test made between December 2010 and June 2011 have a very limited impact on the environment and do not generate hazarde or highly radioactive waste. The constant environmental monitoring of our activities by our teams, in collaboration with local communities, as well as Mongolian control bodies such as the Nuclear Energy Agency and the Ministry of Environment and Green Development, acknowledges that fact. Despite your belief, we ensure you that decisions based on sound science, expertise, and respect for the Law are at the very heart of our daily activities.

The Government of Mongolia has decided to move forward with the mining of uranium resources and has selected AREVA as a strategic partner in achieving that task.

We remain opened for dialogue, with your representatives, in presence of Mongolian authorities, when conditions for a free, fair and opened dialogue will be met. Once again, we appeal your organizations to respect our name, reputation and legitimate interests, without threatening the security, health, property and rights of our employees alike. AREVA and its affiliated companies always respect Mongolian laws: we request that all parties do likewise.

The management of AREVA Mongol LLC and Cogegobi LLC