Group commitments

AREVA’s expertise and unwavering insistence on safety, security, transparency and ethics are setting the standard, and its responsible development is anchored in a process of continuous improvement.

The AREVA group has made and respects a number of fundamental commitments regarding how it runs and develops its operations.

The fundamentals of a responsible approach

AREVA’s aim is to achieve profitable growth in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Its approach has a strong ethical foundation and takes into account the concerns of stakeholders in all regions in which it operates.

 This approach is based on:

AREVA's Code of Ethics

AREVA wishes to be and is committed to being an exemplary group in terms of Ethics and Compliance.

AREVA's Code of Ethics describes AREVA's ethical commitments to its stakeholders, as well as what it expects from its employees and its suppliers or subcontractors; it specifies the rules of conduct which everyone must follow at all times

Transparency of payments in the extractive sector

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Transparency is at the heart of the approach to responsible development adopted by AREVA’s mining division. Since 2003, by lending its support to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) - a coalition to promote financial transparency and work against corruption - AREVA has demonstrated its commitment to greater transparency in payments made to countries in relation to the management of mining resources. Any revenue that governments receive from AREVA (taxes, royalties or fees) is stated in reports that are verified by independent experts.

Niger, Mongolia, Gabon and Kazakhstan, countries in which the group is active, all have either EITI-compliant or EITI candidate status. In these countries, AREVA’s mining subsidiaries participate in the local multi-party process and use specific declaration forms to declare the taxes and mining fees paid.

The members of the EITI board classified Mongolia a “compliant country” in December 2010, meaning that it meets the EITI standard for financial transparency.

Commitments to good practice in the mining sector

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AREVA applies the 10 principles of the ICMM sustainable development framework within its mining culture and operational activities, setting up transparent and accountable reporting practices. These practices are self-assessed every two years.

10 ICMM principles

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Convinced that the sustainability of mining operations depends on responsible, transparent management that seeks to protect people and the environment, the group joined the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) in May 2011 to contribute to the debate on sustainable development priorities for the industry and their implementation.


Corporate Social Responsibility audits

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As of 2014, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) audits are conducted by an external auditor to build credibility with stakeholders regarding AREVA’s efforts and identify opportunities for further improvement on a regular basis.

Mining activities’ responsible commitments framework

The CSR practices and commitments of the group’s mining activities are guided by a four–fold approach that consists in continuously improving, being more accountable, building credibility and building value”

This responsible commitments framework aims to evolve AREVA’s practices and improve the way the company reports on its performance and communicates on its progress and on the difficulties encountered.

Applying best mining practice as outlined in the ICMM framework is one way to continually improve sustainable development performance within AREVA’s mining activities.

The AREVA Mines Corporate Social Responsibility Report reports on progress made in 7 major commitments: Occupational Safety, Health and Radiation Protection, Environment and Biodiversity, Social involvement, Commitment to employees, Mine closure and Innovation. Risk Management and Ethics and Human Rights are issues that are also considered to be relevant and are included in this list.  It can be consulted at

Responsible Development 2013/2014 on AREVA’s Mining Activities