Local community involved in environmental monitoring enhancing the liability of AREVA Mongol and COGEGOBI's teams work

September 25, 2013

The participatory environmental monitoring program is successfully launched on September 8th, 2013 in Dornogobi province. The program is initiated by AREVA Mongol and COGEGOBI and is welcomed by local authorities and local population, as well as also appreciated by NEA. The participatory environmental monitoring program is the supplementary monitoring program along with all environment monitoring programs conducted by our teams. The objective of this program consists in ensuring the local population participation in main environment monitoring works such as water, soil, plant and animal monitoring. This program is the clear examples of AREVA groups transparency regarding all our activities for the neighboring local population.

The participatory environmental monitoring program was initially scheduled to start on June 2013,  but due to the extenal reasons delayed until now. The participants of the project are herders and an environmental specialist of Zuunbayan bag and Ulaanbadrakh soum. From project initiators side environmental team, local community relation officers and hydrogeologist team will guide this program.

On September 8th, 2013 the meeting and training organized by our specialists and the local participants learnt how to measure water level, how to take water samples, how to record plant species, how to observe animal species. After the meeting and training, water samples were taken from 5 hand wells and Baruunbayan bulag. The laboratory analyses results will be available for all program participants and annual report will be submitted to the local authorities and population.