Mongolia: a technical seminar dedicated to ISR with the Mongolian authorities


September 13, 2013

On 11 and 12 September 2013, on the initiative of the Mining BG's Environment Department, a technical seminar dedicated in particular to the ISR (In Situ Recovery) technique was held in Ulan Bator. The seminar was attended by over 50 participants from Mon-Atom, the Nuclear Energy Agency and Mongolian Ministry officials.

After an introduction on the activities of Areva, Mining BG, and Cogegobi, the first day was devoted to different mining techniques, and then to the old and fully rehabilitated ISR site in Wyoming (United States) followed by the Katco ISR sites at Muyunkum and Tortkuduk (Kazakhstan). The second day included discussions on specific topics, such as the zero environmental point (a comprehensive study describing the initial state of the environment before the start of a mining project) of the Zoovch Ovoo project, hydrogeological surveys, the ISR phenomenology and, finally, rehabilitation.

Several experts from both Mining BG (France) and Kazakhstan came especially to talk at the seminar alongside their Mongolian counterparts and to answer questions raised by the participants. Most of the questions focused on acid injection and its impact on the environment, and more particularly on aquifers.

The participants declared themselves satisfied with the seminar, and a meeting in a year or two has already been agreed with the stakeholders to review the project’s progress.