Mongolia, site visit by the Minister of Mines

June 11, 2013

On 10 June, as part of a regional tour of the authorities, local populations and industrial players in the Dornogobi Province, the Minister of Mines, Mr Davajav Gankhuyag, and his delegation called in at the Dulaan Uul site.

After a safety briefing and a resumé of Cogegobi's activities, the site manager, Tuvshintulga Gavaa, conducted the delegation on a tour of the ISR test, in particular the well field, the resin fixation units, and the containers for storing the uranium-enriched resins. He also stressed the measures taken to ensure the protection of the personnel and the environment.

The Minister of Mines acknowledged the quality of the work carried out by Cogegobi and stressed the importance of even better communication with the breeders concerning procedures for monitoring and ensuring the quality of the water and those adopted for monitoring and preserving the shallow groundwater.