• 2015
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    Number 4 // 2015 spring edition

    2015 began with an important step for AREVA Mongol and Cogegobi: the approval of the Feasibility study of Dulaan Uul and Zuuvch Ovoo uranium deposits mining given on February 4 by the Professional Council of the Mineral Resources Authority of Mongolia. This is a key  stage for the project developed in Mongolia…

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    Number 5 // 2015 summer edition

    We are coming to you just after the Naadam with optimistic news on our project. Mid June 2015, AREVA successfully started its exploration works in Dornogobi aimag after getting the necessary authorizations from the Mineral Resources Authority, the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism, and the Specialized Inspection Authority and relevant local agencies. 

  • 2014

    Number 3 // 2014 winter edition

    2014 has been a turning year for AREVA Mongol and Cogegobi that aim not only to reach technical excellence with the launch of geological surveys to establish the economic, technical and environmental viability of the project and identify the most suitable mining method, but also social and environmental excellence…

    Number 2 // 2014 summer edition

    AREVA is a responsible actor in the mining sector: engagement, transparency and continuous improvement are the fundamentals of our approach to responsibility. To become a success, a mining project has to be understood and accepted by its neighbors. In Mongolia, our neighbors are herders...

    Number 1 // 2014 spring edition

    Since 1997, AREVA Mongol via its exploration subsidiary Cogegobi has been present in Mongolia and has discovered the Zoovch Ovoo uranium deposit officially classified in 2013 as a strategic resource by the Mineral Resources Council of Mongolia...