Dulaan Uul infirmary

Health is a top priority, whether it is the health of employees, subcontractors or the local population. The organization is there to limit health risks through various actions such as training to improve health culture, and implement AREVA standards.


The organization in place aims to limit the health risks to which its employees may be exposed. In terms of occupational health, and thus in terms of regulations, employees are the responsibility of their entity of origin, so they have to establishe an internal policy, this is a way to ensure practices are harmonized in this area.

Health organization in Mongolia

Quality of life in the workplace, risk prevention and the health of employees are regularly assessed and form part of continuous improvement initiatives. All possible measures are taken to promote exemplary behavior among employees.

According to AREVA Policy a health management system has been implemented at AREVA Mongolia sites and is regularly adapted to the project stages. Occupational health stakes are periodically assessed and the organisation is consequently improved to protect workers' health. In case of any sanitary issue, a medical structure is implemented on site and if necessary, medical evacuation measures are defined.


Training courses delivered include:

  • initial and update first aid courses;
  • awareness-raising on sites about local public health issues as well as health risks such as HIV, hepatitis B and tuberculosis;
  • awareness-raising about other local health issues such as nutrition, sport, balance between work-life and well-being, and basic hygiene.